You Can Trust Our Tattoo Parlor With Your Piercings

Count on us for safe, sterile body piercings. Serving Cullman, Hanceville, & Smoke Rise, AL.

When it comes to body piercings, you should never trust a tattoo parlor that doesn't emphasize safety. Dodge City Tattoo Company is not one of those parlors. We employ one of the top body piercing artists in the state, and we hold each of our piercers to a high standard of excellence. Count on Dodge City Tattoo Company to pierce any part of your body with precision and care.

Call 256-887-1800 today to learn more about our piercing services. We'll take care of your new nose piercing in no time. Serving Cullman, Hanceville, Smoke Rise & Dodge City, AL.

Your safety and satisfaction are our top priorities

Dodge City Tattoo Company follows a wide range of rules and regulations to make sure our clients are always safe during their visit. When you come to us for a nose piercing, for example, we will:


  • Use internally threaded and threadless jewelry approved by the Association of Professional Piercers (APP)
  • Use only high-quality metals for the piercing such as titanium and 14 karat gold
  • Give you a lifetime manufacturer warranty on all jewelry







Contact Dodge City Tattoo Company now to get started on your body piercings in Hanceville, AL. We'll gladly speak with you about your piercing needs.