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A tattoo is a permanent mark that tells the world-or even just you-something about yourself. Shouldn't your tattoo artist treat that mark with care? Dodge City Tattoo Company employs tattoo artists who not only have experience, but who also do everything they can to make you feel welcomed and comfortable.

To speak with a dedicated tattoo artist from Dodge City Tattoo Company in person, visit our local tattoo shop today. You can make an appointment or walk right in. Serving Cullman, Hanceville, Smoke Rise & Dodge City, AL.

Choose a tattoo style that suits your look

Dodge City Tattoo Company works hard to create stunning, high-quality custom tattoos for each of our clients. Whether you want a coverup or a new sleeve, you can trust us to make a tattoo you'll love. We can tattoo in any style, including:


  • Traditional, for bold colors and timeless images
  • Realism, for images with a photo-quality likeness
  • Watercolor, for flowing images with little to no hard outlines
  • New school, for bright colors and cartoony caricatures




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